Services Provided

The main service of our company is to maintain the integrity and shape the canopy of the tree.  We do this by providing your option of three different types of pruning. 

Class III Prune- This pruning will remove all of the major dead in the tree, (4 inches or larger in diameter), as well as providing clearance of all structures, sidewalks, and streets in accordance with city code.  The city code requires that branches must be 13 feet above roadways and 10 feet above sidewalks.

Class II Prune- This pruning is more extensive than the Class III.  It includes all of the pruning of the Class III and also thins the tree by 1/3 of it's entire canopy by removing cossing and rubbing branches and removing invasive watersprouts.  This is the most preferred prune for your trees.

Class I Prune- This is the most intensive prune that we offer and encompasses all of the pruning of a Class III, and Class II, while going futher yet to shape the upper canopy of your tree and providing the most well manicured appearance.

We also will remove trees when deemed necessary by the property owner.  With our combined experience no removal is too complicated and we have seen it all.  We cut all trees down 1/2-1 inch above ground unless otherwise contracted.  If you prefer to keep some of the wood as fire wood we are more than happy to leave wood in manageble sizes for your own personal use.  If you have a question about whether a tree needs to be removed, Please Ask!  We take into consideration all factors of the tree before making an educated recomendation in reguards to a tree removal.  Don't forget once it is gone you cannot glue it back together! 

Shaping Hedgerows
We have the utmost capability and professional tools to provide your landscape with the groomed and well manicured look that it requires.  We can shape your hedges and shrubs to your desire whether you are looking for a more formal appeal of a well groomed natural look, we have the vision and time to make this a reality.

Stump Grinding
This service removes your stump entirely to 4-6 inches in depth.  The benefit of having this done is no unsightly stump will be left and grass and othe perennials can be planted in the removed trees' location.  Mulch is left in and around the hole and can be used in your garden or we will remove the mulch for an additional fee.


We remove all brush and leave your yard looking great.  We take the extra time to make sure things are done correctly which is a benefit of having the owners on hand doing the work.  There are no shortcuts when it comes to your property and a happy customer is our greatest joy.



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